Site Giveaway!

Who doesn’t like free gems? We are going to start giving away Google Play Store cards to people who want to help out our staff here.

First, please like our Facebook page as we will post some things there as well.

We are determined to add as much data and screenshots as possible to our site, see anything we are missing? Please e-mail it to

Happy Rushing!


4 thoughts on “Site Giveaway!

  1. I am interested in helping out.

    I am very literate and do not get caught up in (and don’t like much but don’t excessively judge others) the obscenity, hating and such in chat. I am very computer literate but I am pretty new to this kind of gaming so am not fluent with some of the intricacies of how different gods strengths and skills work with or counteract others to build the perfect team. I am a quick learner. I know my strengths and weakness so in a moderator role for example, I will know when it is appropriate to comment and when to defer to higher authority or to those with greater game knowledge.

    I am recently medically retired from a professional job with lots of authority and responsibility. As a result I have lots of time, I spend a lot of that time having fun with this game. I am a level 79 and will be level 80 within the next couple days in a guild that is always top 10 in guild wars. I hang around the 600 level in the Arena so am not challenged much and can use my resulting arena chances and points for needed mats. It would be great if you could use me in a moderator role or equivalent role in exchange for Google Play game cards.

    Please advise if it is possible for me to be involved in return for Google Play cards. I will respond with my IGG ID and team name.

    • Thank you for your response. We are looking for people to help with the screenshots more than the moderator role. If you would like to help out in that aspect, then please let us know. Thank you

  2. Anyway i can earn Google play credit to buy gems for God Rush would be awesome please let me no exactly what u require thanks

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