Need A Guild?

Are you an active player looking for a guild that you can make a difference in? Look no further than Guild 335: Rush Em Bu! This guild is accepting all applicants and only ask that you do your daily freebies on the Guild Wars and Party Stages. They are on the LINE app as well, add TOC808 for more information!

4 thoughts on “Need A Guild?

  1. Message Me or reply if there are still openings. Lv 50 good line up iOS player play daily and heavily in guild battles
    Spartan studs
    IGG ID: 219347559

    • Hi there, is there still room in your guild? I am level 70 daily player who always contributes to guild events. Thanks, Lindsay. PS my name on game is linzumba. Thanks!

      • Yes, come on in! We have been booting all of the inactives who quit during the period when everything was buggy

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