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Front row support healer. Can mitigate all kinds of damage

 Sun’s Son: Applies a barrier to all allies, absorbing some Physical Damage.
Welling Light: Restores an ally’s HP.
 Elemental Nix: Applies a barrier to one ally, absorbing some Magic Damage.
Toughness: Increases Arm
or for all allies. (Passive)


Evolution Info

green arrow


blue 2 to purple

  • Smelling Salt Lv52
  • Life Stone Lv45
  • Ares’ Sword Lv42
  • Palmed Scarf Lv18
  • Mana Stone Lv11
  • Prayer Boots Lv17

Blue +2 to Purple Evolution Minimum Level 52

green arrow

Ascension Info

Default: *

STR Growth: 2.7
INT Growth: 1.8
AGI Growth: 1.7

Ascend To **

20 Shards
35,000 Gold

STR Growth: 4.1
INT Growth: 2.7
AGI Growth: 2.5

2 Star Ion

Ascend To ***

50 Shards
120,000 Gold

STR Growth: 5.4
INT Growth: 3.6
AGI Growth: 3.4


Ascend To ****

100 Shards
300,000 Gold

STR Growth:
INT Growth:
AGI Growth:

Ascend To *****

150 Shards
800,000 Gold

STR Growth:
INT Growth:
AGI Growth:


Chapter 1 Moment of Rest
Chapter 3 King’s Test
Chapter 5 Flame Descends


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