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Front row tank. Good at dealing damage and crowd control

Heaven Cleave: A leaping slash that damages and stuns all enemies in an area.

Round Slash: Projects a beam of energy from the blade, damaging enemies in its path

Death Warrant: Locks onto an enemy and reduces its armor

Trojan Will: Increases Strength

Obtained Hector


Evolution Info

green arrow


blue 2 to purple

  • Smelling Salt Lv52
  • Mini Mjohnir Lv43
  • Vizegai Staff Lv21
  • Butcher Knife Lv26
  • Lex Bangle Lv9
  • Power Leg Lv18

Blue +2 to Purple Evolution Minimum Level 52


green arrow

Ascension Info

Default: *

STR Growth: 3.0
INT Growth: 1.5
AGI Growth: 1.9

Ascend To **

20 Shards
35,000 Gold

STR Growth: 4.2
INT Growth: 2.2
AGI Growth: 2.8


Ascend To ***

50 Shards
120,000 Gold

STR Growth: 5.6
INT Growth: 3.0
AGI Growth: 3.8


Ascend To ****

100 Shards
300,000 Gold

STR Growth:
INT Growth:
AGI Growth:

Ascend To *****

150 Shards
800,000 Gold

STR Growth:
INT Growth:
AGI Growth:


Chapter 3 Evil Plans
Chapter 4 Seeking Power
Chapter 8 Brutal Fight


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