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Mid row nuker. Casts powerful area spells and steals HP

Life Drain: Echidna siphons the target’s HP and increases her own HP

Arcane Bloom: Creates an explosion that damages all enemies within an area

Spirit Armor: Applies a condition on target that increases Defense but reduces Resist
Psionic Guard: Increases Resist for all allies (Passive)

Ascension Info

Default: *

STR Growth: 1.2
INT Growth: 4.0
AGI Growth: 1.0

Ascend To **

20 Shards
35,000 Gold

STR Growth: 1.8
INT Growth: 5.4
AGI Growth: 1.5

2 Star Echidna

Ascend To ***

50 Shards
120,000 Gold

STR Growth: 2.4
INT Growth: 6.8
AGI Growth: 2.0


Ascend To ****

100 Shards
300,000 Gold

STR Growth: 3.0
INT Growth: 8.2
AGI Growth: 2.5

Ascend To *****

150 Shards
800,000 Gold

STR Growth: 3.6
INT Growth: 9.6
AGI Growth: 3.0

Chapter 5 Escape
Chapter 7 Deaths Duel

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