Springs Guide and Results

The springs are where players go to test their luck to earn anything from items to shards to even heroes. There are three springs (Cupid, Aphrodite, and Zeus)

The Cupid Spring costs 10,000 gold per draw or 90,000 gold for 10 draws. 10 draws of the Cupid Spring gives you a 100% chance of receiving a blue item.

Aphrodite’s Spring costs 288 gems or 2590 gems for 10 draws. 10 draws of Aphrodite’s Spring gives you a 100% chance of receiving a hero.

The Zeus Spring works differently in that it offers one hero that is changed weekly and three heroes that is changed daily. This spring gives players a higher chance to get heroes being offered, and their shards. Using the draw will cost 488 gems and the Spring will display 6 random items and one of those items will be assigned to you as your reward. If you wish to get another item you can press the [select another] button and another item will be assigned to you (randomly from the previous items). You can also press the [new draw] button to get another set of 6 random items.

Listed below are the different springs as they are presented in game. Clicking on one of them will take you to a results page where we have compiled screen shot data of players performing the 10 draws for Cupid and Aphrodite as well as screen shots from Zeus’s Spring.


Springs main Aphrodites Spring Zeus Spring

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