Guild Wars Guide

Guild Wars Quick Tips and Info

**Work in Progress. As more information becomes available and more theories are tested this guide will be updated**

  • Despite the name “Guild Wars” you fight random opponents in battle. Your point totals are just added together with other members of your guild to establish a guild ranking.
  • Each guild wars battle costs 12 energy to start. This energy is from the same pool as the energy used for trials and for campaign stages.
  • Battles are continuous like gauntlet mode. HP lost carries over to the next battle. Hero deaths are not restarted until after the cooldown(more on cooldown below) is complete.
  • Cooldown only begins when ALL your heroes are defeated. Cooldown means you must wait one hour before your heroes are revived and are able to do another guild war battle.
  • Winning your first battle gives you 12 Team EXP, 12 Hero EXP, 3 Guild Bux (currency for guild mall) and 3 Guild points (used to determine standings in guild leader board)
  • Rewards increase for every two consecutive players you defeat. Rewards max out after 12 consecutive victories.
  • Heroes must be level 20 or higher to compete in Guild Wars

Guild wars rewards are given to every player in the participating guild and are as follows

guild wars rewards



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