Guild Boss Tips and Strategy



Damage and survival is key for this stage. All nukers (Achilles, Hecate, Argus, etc) and one healer (Chryseis or Aphrodite)


Astraea drains your rage and will silence you. To be most effective you must also have a disabler in your party (preferably Astraea of your own) and a healer (Chryseis). Aphrodite works better here in that she can heal and also reduce armor although she is owned by relatively few players. Use nukers to round out your party (Hecate, Achilles, Argus etc). Athena is also a very good damage dealer although as is the case with Aphrodite, she is very rare. Prometheus is also a good option here due to his “Bad Buddy” skill which restores one units rage.


One healer and four nuker set up. Physical damage is preferred due to her high resist (resistance to magic attacks)

athena guild stage


4 nuker and 1 disabler (Astraea) setup. Deal as much damage as you can while stopping her from healing herself. Set up your party for high magic attack. Prometheus with “Radiance” skill is recommended if available.

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