Guild Guide

Here is a general guide to GUILDS in Gods Rush.

guild main

General Guild Information:

  • Guilds are limited to 50 players.
  • Guild level requirements can be set by the guild leader
  • A guild can only have one leader but can have as many assistants as needed. Assistants are limited to editing the guild notice, accepting and denying guild applications and voting to impeach the guild leader due to inactivity greater than 15 days. Assistants cannot kick current guild members.
  • Every guild has a guild ID which is a number that corresponds to your guild and allows other players to search for your guild via the guild screen

Creating a Guild:

Creating a guild can be done by simply clicking on the guild icon from the world map. You pick a name (an appropriate name) and an emblem for your guild and pay a fee of 1000 GEMS and you have created your own guild.

Guild Gameplay:

Camp: Coming Soon!

Party Stage: Similar to trials except bosses are scaled to be challenging and you will need the help of your guild mates to defeat the boss. Once defeated the entire guild receives rewards corresponding to the boss and boss difficulty. This is one of the main benefits of playing in a guild.

guild battle

Guild Mall: The guild mall is where you spend your currency won from the guild part stage. Here you can purchase items and equipment, and even rare hero shards.

guild mall

Guild War: Coming Soon!

6 thoughts on “Guild Guide

    • The benefit of being a guild leader is being able to choose who is in your guild as well as promote the right people to leadership roles

  1. I am hereby requesting to join your guild as a daily active player. I am also an LINE user according to IGG forum from your guild leader. If possible, I have already left my guild and would greatly appreciate your invitation. My LINE User ID is “lindainchrist”
    My current team level is 61 approaching 62 tomorrow.

  2. Message Me or reply if there are still openings. Lv 50 good line up iOS player play daily and heavily in guild battles
    Name: Spartan studs
    IGG ID: 219347559

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