Gold Farming Guide

Gold is your primary currency in Gods Rush. It is used to upgrade hero skills, to ascend heroes,  to enchant and fuse items, buying items and shards and much more. This guide serves as a basic how to for farming gold. Listed below are ways you can acquire gold in order of most effective to least effective.


Gauntlet mode is hands down the best way to get gold. Doing a successful gauntlet run (15/15 stages complete) will easily yield the player a few hundred thousand gold. You are allowed to do the gauntlet once per day (unless you reach VIP level 8 which then allows you to run the gauntlet twice per day) This must be done daily to maximize gold earnings.


Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is when the portal stages allow you to collect items that you can sell to the merchant for gold. You have two entries per day. As of this time you CANNOT buy more entries using gems. The different levels in portal mode offer higher tiered rewards… therefore level two offers more gold rewards than level one and so on and so forth


The Midas Touch can be used once per day (or more depending on your VIP level). It grants the player 26,500 gold for 10 gems. Using the Midas Touch also completes the daily task and will reward you with 50 team xp. Note that there is a chance you can receive 10 times the amount of gold. Midas Touch can be easily accessed from the daily task screen.


Battle mode which is basically the campaign or story mode of Gods Rush. As you progress in the story the rewards increase in value. You can also do elite stages which grant you (usually) double the rewards but cost double the energy.


Depending on your arena rank you get a daily bonus delivered to your inbox. Make sure to collect this along with other rewards every day.


A last ditch effort to make some gold. This is not recommended especially when dealing with rare items. Sometimes it is better to wait and grind out the gold using one of the methods above… however selling items is highly profitable but should be used as a LAST EFFORT.

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