Gauntlet Guide

In Gods Rush the Gauntlet is a series of 15 stages designed to test even the most battle hardened of players. Extremely difficult to complete but extremely rewarding at the same time. Each stage consists of a random in game player opponent matched against you. The farther you go in Gauntlet mode the more challenging the stages become.

gauntlet main


The Basics

Heroes must be at least level 20 to participate in Gauntlet.

Your HP does not regenerate after a battle is completed. Dead Heroes are not revived after a battle is complete. Rage you have gained is carried over to the next battle.

All chests have a chance to give you a hero. Red chests give you rewards and Gauntlet Mall coins. Chest 3 gives 100 coins. Chest 6 gives 200 coins. Chest 9 gives 300 coins. Chest 12 gives 400 coins. Chest 15 gives 500 coins.

You are allowed to reset the gauntlet once per day. VIP level 8 and above gain one additional reset per day.

Gauntlet Rewards

Gauntlet rewards are found in the gauntlet mall. Hecate and Prometheus shards are currently featured as well as other items. They are redeemed with gauntlet coins. Gauntlet mall refreshes daily at 9pm EST

gauntlet mall

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