How do I unlock different heroes?

Heroes can be unlocked by collecting shards or drawing heroes from the lucky springs. They can also be rewarded in Gauntlet Mode and from purchasing a gem card from the in game store.

What are shards?

Shards are items used to evolve your heroes to their next star rating. They can be gained by completing elite stages or through purchase from the bazaar, area 51 and the merchant. They are also randomly awarded through the spring.

What is the difference between team level and hero level?

Hero level is the current level of your individual heroes. Team level is the level of your account. It can be viewed by clicking on your portrait in the upper left corner of the in game screen. Team level is needed to unlock areas and chapters while hero level is needed to equip gear.

How many times can you evolve your hero?

The current evolution tree is as follows:

White -> Green-> Green+1-> Blue-> Blue+1-> Blue+2-> Purple-> Purple+1-> Purple+2-> Purple+3-> Purple+4-> Orange

Soft cap for skill levels?

The first skill can level up to the hero’s current level.  The third skill can be leveled 20 times below the hero’s current level and the fourth skill can be leveled 40 times below the hero’s current level.

What time does the game reset?

The game currently resets at 5AM EST

How long does it take to gain energy?

Energy recharges one point every 6 minutes. Energy is also rewarded for logging in during 12:00-2:00pm and 6:00-8:00pm daily via the energy rush events

Max amount of energy i can have at one time?

500 energy. Also note that you can receive more energy than your max energy cap but no more than 500.

What happens if I fail a stage?

Any stage requiring 6 energy will restore you 5 energy upon failing. Any stage requiring 12 energy will restore you 10 energy upon failing.

How do i achieve a 3-star rating on a stage?

You get a 3-star rating on a stage by completing the stage with none of your heroes being K.O.’d

What is the current team level cap?

The current level cap is level 75. (unconfirmed)

What are guilds?

Guilds are simply groups of dedicated players that can take on guild challenges together, have access to the guild market, talk to one another in guild chat and participate in guild wars

How do I start a guild?

Go to the guild screen from the main world screen. Select a name and icon and pay 1000 gems to create your guild

How many members can a guild have?

Right now the max amount of players in a guild is 50

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