Beginners Guide

As follows is a basic beginners guide to Gods Rush. This is by no means a complete guide and it is by no means perfect. Just some tips and tricks for you guys through some trial and error.

First of all note that TEAM LEVEL and TEAM POWER are the two most important things in Gods Rush.

TEAM LEVEL: Unlocks new features on the world map and increases heroes level and skill level cap. Remember that eventually your team level will be equal to the max level cap of your heroes so it is important to always be raising your team level. Max energy is also increased by raising team level.

The fastest way to increase team level is by doing the DAILY TASKS in the main menu right sidebar. These tasks are fairly easy such as completing an arena battle or completing 10 normal stages or 3 epic stages. Always remember to do these as they will reset at 5am EST and you will lose out on exp you could have gained.

TEAM POWER: Shows the overall strength of your current team. You can view individual power ratings for units by clicking on the heroes tab in the right sidebar and looking for a number corresponding to power found beneath the unit portrait. This stat takes into account the unit level, unit rating, skill levels, and equipment/enchantments. Once the arena is unlocked you can view the power stat for your entire team. This stat, in essence, is how you measure up to the rest of the players in the world. While you may be the same level as another player, there may be a huge discrepancy in power due to equipment, skill leveling, etc. In other words you wont beat someone with a higher power rating than you… without getting lucky.


RED DOT: Always be on the lookout for the red dot. It is a notification to the player that something requires your attention whether it be a completed task or mission or a hero is ready to equip a certain relic or armor/weapon. Note that quests and task rewards need to be collected MANUALLY by the player

red dot

SPRINGS: New players should take advantage of the free spring draws but are not recommended to pay gold or gems for draws. It is much more beneficial to spend gold on upgrading skills and gems on energy for farming than to “gamble” it away on lucky draws.


HERO TYPES: Heroes in this game are broken down into three types which are Strength, Intelligence and Agility. The type of unit they are is in relation to their main stat. The icon under the hero portrait on the heroes screen will tell you what type they are.

Screenshot_2014-11-25-16-18-51 Strength         Screenshot_2014-11-25-15-58-45 (1)Intelligence          Screenshot_2014-11-25-16-18-40Agility




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